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    Residential properties for sale

    Folegandros, the southernmost island of Western Cyclades, close to Santorini and Sifnos, is well known for its strong traditional character , the roughness of its landscape, the sweetness of its sunsets and the serenity of the horizon.

    Enchanted by the breathtaking landscape of Folegandros, we chose an amphitheatrical land plot that stands out for its the astounding view on the picturesque Hora, the Aegean sea and the famous church of Panagia on the island’s rock , for our current project: the Alkyon Villas.

    Villas for Sale

    The “Alkyon Villas” is a complex of five houses, very close to Hora, the island’s capital. The residential properties are for sale.

    Taking advantage of the uniqueness of the landscape, using the wisdom of the island’s masons and implementing the basic principles of bioclimatic design the villas are built of raw materials directly from Folegandros’ land. In that way the thick solid stone walls and the planted with local flora roofs assure the thermal comfort inside the villas throught the year.

    Thus, we used traditional building techniques without, though, neglecting to procure the amenities of a modern vacation house .

    The houses have different surfaces that vary from 60 sq.m. to 130 sq.m., and unique interior arrangement depending on their position on the site and their orientation, satisfying the diverse tastes and desires of our clientele.

    Join us on a tour, on the beautiful island of Folegandros, its crystal beaches, its adventurous footpaths, the traditional cuisine with the authentic flavours and the colourful squares that get filled with smiling faces as the sunlight fades……