• Folegandros is a small island in Cyclades close to Santorini . Its unique character managed to stay intact through time. Luckily the advent of tourism did not alter the scenery something that is instantly noticeable once one lays foot on the island.





    The island’s beauty lies in the contrast between the inhospitable rocky landscape and the serenity of the Aegean horizon. Ages of hard work have managed to tame nature’s adversities and transform the island into a welcoming destination .






    The inhabitants of Folegandros seem to carry deep feelings of respect for nature and their solemnity is reflected on the built environment of the island. The houses shape tidy volumes that blend with the landscape; nothing is in excess and everything is in order. But the outcome is not at all dull. The apparent austerity is interrupted by the vivid colours used on wooden surfaces and embellished by red bugambilias .





    We found the aura and the energy of island quite inviting and that it is why we chose Folegandros for our current project.

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