• Alkyon Villas project is the result of collaboration of a team of engineers and architects( Elias Stavridis -civil engineer, Nikos Oikonomou -architect, Lydia Lake Stavridou -architect, Clara Stavridou -civil engineer, Dimitris Aggelou civil engineer and Christos Panagis -civil engineer) from Athens and Thessaloniki led by Elias Stavridis, civil engineer in profession.

    Elias has run the family construction company in Thessaloniki, for several years and has undertaken several projects around Greece.

    The company’s field of expertise covers a wide range of services regarding the real estate sector, from architectural design and construction management services to real estate transactions.

    Our experience that covers many aspects of real estate development(design, implementation, construction, monitoring , sales) has given us the tools to address successfully all the important issues and minor details of a project .

    Our desire was to use this knowledge in the field of vacation house market. We chose Folegandros after a thorough investigation of the Aegean real estate market and mainly because we found there the perfect environment to implement our dream : combine sustainable architecture, with local construction techniques in order to create up to-date vacation houses.

    Visit us in Folegandros!

    Site Address:
    Thimonies, Folegandros Hora, 84011, Cyclades Greece

    Office Address:
    Irodotou 1, 55133, Thessaloniki Greece
    Sporadon 2, 15231, Athens Greece



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    + (30) 6936678598, +(30)2310436122 , + (30) 2106713756

    Fax :
    +(30)2310445033, + (30) 2106713756